The company was born in 1993 in Tuscany from the intuition and experience of Sandro Checcarini, a skilled craftsman from Tuscany. At the beginning, it was a workshop specialized in the omega chain, then thanks to the quality of its products and to a large variety of items, began to grow acquiring new clients and conquering market shares.
...We be Different!



Passion, devotion and creativity are the bases of a continuous success of the company that research and achieve a high and consistent quality standard, following the new fashion trends and producing every item in his factory in Arezzo. The production department takes great care of every single working phase,proposing constantly new collections that can satisfy every market request.



Our products are made in sterling silver 925 and each item can be produced in different plating.
Our chains can be basic or diamond cut, flat or waves.
We can reach any size and lenght.

We play with our collections, combining the chains whit differents elements, beads, stones, cz stations, birthstones.



Sandro, with his hard work he was able to again his customers trust.
He and his staff combine all togheter design, quality, service and delivery meet.

Tradition and modernity are the keys of Checcarini Preziosi success.



Checcarini Preziosi have the highest tecnologies with a: 3D Printer, laser engraving and laser welding machines.
The galvanic treatments are made inside: Gold, Rose Gold, Rhodium, Black Rhodium Silver and A Coating sistem which allows to protect the treated items from oxidation.


Checcarini Preziosi has a vast range of Sterling Silver necklaces, bracelets, earring, ring that can match all the production styles:
Twist Collection, Link Collection, Omega Collection and Briolettes Collection.
On top of these colors can be done a different finishing: basic or diamond cut...

Slide Collections



We have a large collections of fancy, classic and modern women's necklaces: one strand, multi strands, lariat, with stones, pendant, cz stations.

Free your imagination!



Bracelets are placed as one of our favorite accessories.
They can be soft or cuff, light or heavier, charms bracelets, slip on, beaded.
Find the nicest bracelets for your wrist.



Hearrings included hoops, elongated shapes, studs, pearl earrings, sparkling cz earrings.

To adorn your ears choose the perfect earring.



We have a wide range of rings, based on size and color.

We have simple metal bands or rings more precious with cz or colored birthgems.


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